We come from around the country and around the world; we have lived in cities and rural areas; we have backgrounds in design, IT , linguistics, event management,child care ,  social studies and European integration, law , music and raising children. But most of all we have passion for the world we live in .Our product is  the reflection of  where we live , who we are, what we believe in , what we love to do and most of all what we are passionate about.

We hope it shows.
“The right to play is a child's first claim on the community. Play is nature's training for life. No community can infringe that right without doing deep and enduring harm to the minds and bodies of its citizens.”
(David Lloyd George 1925.)
OUR MISSION :To create a safe, diversified, innovative, eco-friendly, original family entertainment and education center where all will feel happy, welcome, respected and valued.

OUR VISION :To contribute to creating healthier happier kids for a healthier and happier  planet.