FIND THE PERFECT COURSE FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE !                     Courses starting from  140 €.
Dragonello  offers a variety of interactive, motivational, engaging courses. The goal is simply to get kids up and moving and keep them moving. Join us for loads of fun!

The courses aim at underlining the powerful influence of movement in children's overall development. Your children will benefit from creatively rich, intellectually stimulating,  artistically enriching courses helping them become independent, inquisitive, creative thinkers and strong individuals.
Dragonello runs courses in  2 semesters :
Try out a class, or two, to see what is best fit for your kid. If you like it, then please sign up for a course.

Need help choosing?  Give us a call on (01) 968 7675, (0676) 740 6265, or send us an e-mail on

We are now running Fall/Winter Program !
Winter Semester 2018
      (08.01.2018 - 12.03.2018)
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